Bespoke Synthetic Monitoring

NetProbe provides comprehensive monitoring and observability for IT services using dedicated hardware probes deployed as edge devices.
These probes constantly measure the availability and performance of services using pre-defined scripted tests that can be extended and customized to implement bespoke interactions and validations for the customer's architecture.
All relevant data gathered by the probes is stored in a time series database for rapid visualization on both the edge device and the cloud.
In addition, the information collected on the cloud enables further aggregate analysis to gain actionable insights.
With NetProbe's bespoke synthetic monitoring, IT teams can quickly identify and diagnose service issues before they can affect end users, improving service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Multi-Domain Indicators

NetProbe provides the ability to collect and correlate data originated by different technology and application domains, from the effective BGP transit route to the details of the HTTP status code and the timings of each component of a sequence of web pages.
NetProbe captures detailed information on each measure, including screenshots, .har, and .pcap files, allowing for effective drill-downs to investigate the root cause of different behaviours.
The visibility granted by NetProbe is invaluable when choosing the appropriate remedies to resolve distress situations.

Secured Platform

The platform provides state-of-the-art cybersecurity through several features, including:

  • Strong authentication based on digital certificates for secure communication between Edge and Cloud devices
  • Strong encryption with a minimum of 256 bits keys
  • Elliptic curve ciphers to ensure secure communication between Edge and Cloud systems
  • Secure containerization of measurement execution
  • Storage encryption with TPM-based secure boot on Edge devices
  • Access credentials and sensitive data are kept entirely inaccessible, even in the event of physical tampering on the Edge devices.
With multiple layers of security measures in place, the system guarantees the protection and security of your company's information at all times.

Statistics and Machine Learning

The diagnostics of network services can be complex and time-consuming, as they depend on the correct operation of several components, including hardware and software.
NetProbe streamlines this process by mapping collected data points to a comprehensive ontology and applying statistical analysis and machine learning techniques to identify trends and anomalies.
NetProbe provides rapid focused anomaly identification so that it can be assigned to the appropriate team for resolution, leading to a deeper understanding of the overall system and lowering operational costs.


Organizations with extensive IT systems have often set up Operation Centers with specific software and procedures.
NetProbe is straightforward to integrate with the existing systems, and its test results can be pushed directly to the Operation Center while allowing for detailed drill-down when needed.
While a modern interface like OpenTelemetry is the preferred integration tool, NetProbe also supports legacy methods such as:

  • SNMP polls and traps
  • syslog messages
  • custom mail messages (SMTP)
  • custom SOAP WSDL
  • SMS
This flexible integration approach ensures NetProbe can work effectively in any IT environment.