Synthetic Monitoring

  • Multiple probes constantly measure the availability and performance of the services using scripted tests
  • The set of predefined scripted tests can be extended, creating new scripts that implement interaction and validation of specific items of the customer architecture
  • The relevant data for each measure are stored inside a time series database and can be visualised concisely to allow the easy pinpoint of the anomalies
  • Detailed technical logs of the measures (including screenshots, .har and .pcap files) are stored and are directly accessible for an effective drill down to investigate the root cause of the behaviour

Numeric Indicators

The scripted test not only emulates the user, with full access to all the elements of the service stack on the edge platform, also captures the information about the system internals that allow for immediate diagnostic and fix of the issues.

Secured Platform

The full platform is highly secured by:

  • Elliptic curve ciphers for the dialog between Cloud and Edge
  • Strong authentication based on digital certificate for both Edge and Cloud
  • Mandatory strong key of 256bit or more
  • Containerization of the measure execution for security isolation
  • Storage encryption for the Edge with TPM based secure boot
Even in case of physical tampering of the edge device, it's not possible to extract the access credential or any sensitive data.

Machine Learning diagnostic

Machine Learning tools applied on large datasets allows mapping the info collected by the measures to a comprehensive ontology for fault diagnosis and remedy.
NetProbe output from machine learning drastically lowers the time to acknowledgment. Thanks to the ability to pinpoint the cause of the problem, the right team can be immediately activated to correct the fault.
NetProbe enables the improvement of the service quality and availability, while at the same time decreasing the cost of operation.